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Garage Doors and Carports Adelaide


Experienced Garage Door Specialists

Rise Building and Renovation have extensive experience in the Garage Door industry.

We understand the importance of having a secure facility for your vehicles and other valuables that also looks stylish and complementary to your property.


We can supply and install a wide range of options to suit your needs and budget. All garage doors are custom made by our trusted brands and are available in an array of styles and materials including aluminium, timber, translucent or clear panels. There are also options for a corresponding motor unit. 




Garage Doors Automation

Rise can automate all types of existing garage door.


Panel or Sectional Doors
Made from horizontal panels that are hinged and roll up over tracks so that the panels sit up against the ceiling when the door is open. These are the strongest and safest garage door type, with many design options

Roller Doors
A ribbed curtain made from colorbond, that opens and rolls up behind the drum. A more cost effective solution which saves ceiling space. There are a variety of roller doors to suit your requirements in terms of size and colour.

Tilt Doors
These doors are one solid panel which rotate out and upward. They are often used where there is minimal headroom. However, the doors need to be clear of surrounding objects when opening and closing.


Garage Door Service and Repair

We offer repairs and service on all types of garage doors in metro Adelaide. Often, repairs are all that is required, however, if your door requires replacement due to irreparable damage, we have experience in making successful insurance claims.

Furthermore, upon installation of your new door and motor package, we offer ongoing maintenance agreements, which ensures your warranty remains valid, and adding years to the life of your door and motor. We recommend a yearly service, which includes (if applicable):


  • Lubricating the working parts (wheels, tracks & carriage)
  • Re-tensioning of the springs
  • Ensuring the lifting cables are in good condition and not fraying
  • Ensuring all nuts, bolts and screws are secure
  • Checking the pulley wheels
  • Re-aligning the tracks
  • Adjusting the drive chain
  • Checking the control boards and drive units

Please contact us for further details and to request a service quote.